Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's been quite a while since my last entry here and for some better reasons that were and are bestowed on me, I have no right to complain at all why and how come I couldn't quite get all those dear things done at once, including my blogging. I have asked so much from up above, and gradually, unexpectedly and unknowingly, they have come true little by little, one at a time, at their own perfect time. I may have lots of questions left unanswered; stuff that still boggle me albeit the fact that I really have no right to complain, that I should be grateful for many things, that I should not oversee them with just a few and little bustles around.

Sad but true, people by nature are major complainants. I may have no real proof to that but grounding on pure keenness, it is quite palpable that people, when tested with tiny challenges, they often magnify such things and sensationalize them, concluding right away with much conviction that they are so unfortunate, that life's so unfair, that they are constantly bombarded with dilemmas here and there, making life even much harder for them, discounting the fact that blessings and boons are here, there and everywhere. It's just frustrating to know that people easily get down with petty problems. Don't they realize that the One up above loves them so much that He can't afford to push them to a suffering that people cannot endure?

I myself, am one of them. And I've come to realize that it's so foolish and shallow to actually delve into negative thoughts right away, leaving myself in the dark; desperate and fretful; gloomy and doomed. And these feelings? They all point to a source, and that's me, no one else; not Him, not any one. I alone am responsible for my own happiness, for my own demise. And then I've come to ask myself: Why should I dig a hole for myself to jump in? I'm no masochist. Why hurt myself when I have so much to rejoice about?

I tell you: Choose to be happy.